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e-Commerce Digital Marketing is the best to work on as there are clear results and Return on Investment. My skill sets go beyond SEO, Google PPC and Social Advertising, I know e-Commerce business inside out.
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I am experienced with Magento, WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, Wix and Big Cartel.
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Magento Development

Magento does not need to a headache.

Fashion Photographer

Product or Location Shots

Website Designer

Project Manager

I have vast experience in managing team and projects to ensure deadlines met and quality checks taken


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Learn to manage your own destiny

PPC Training

No-one knows your business like you, so why pay an agency to control your marketing when you can learn it yourself. All levels catered for, taught by a fully certified and experienced trainer. Learn how to manage your own business effectively.
01 Google Ads
02 Google Shopping
03 SEO Optimisation
04 Facebook Advertising
05 Instagram Advertising
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Google Search and Display Advertising
Google Shopping
SEO Optimisation
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Alex, Brighton
In my first PPC training session I learned more about Google PPC and Social Advertising than in weeks of training with big agencies. The training was centred around my own business, so it really helped my understand and the results together have been phenomenal.
Charley, Hove
It is no exaggeration to say Finn McCool Marketing saved our business. We were spending thousands on Google PPC, and not only did they strip our spend for the same results, but they told us everything Google did not want us to know to help us manage our campaigns wisely. I wish I found them sooner.
Seb, Portslade
Over the last year Ciaran has been teaching me SEO for my eCommerce company, particularity around writing natural language content. The SEO training has been very informative and I have really developed and this has transformed my business,
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We work alongside some of the best in the industry. This partnership means skills are kept up to date, and we stay as experts in our fields.
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Finn McCool

Finn McCool (Fionn mac Cumhaill) is a legend in Ireland, famed for his adventures with the Mythological swordsmen, the Fianna Eireann. Finn McCools place in folklore is most associated with the Giant’s Causeway and the salmon of knowledge, but the Irish texts of the Fenian Cycle tell of a hero in Irish Mythology and legend of early Irish literature. Most poems are by his son, Oisín the bard. The prose The Boyhood Deeds of Fionn tells how he was the son of Cumhall and named at birth as Deimne, before being called Finn MacCool when his hair turned white.