2 Pros And Cons Of Project-Based Marketing Professionals

2 Pros And Cons Of Project-Based Marketing Professionals

in November 30, 2021

An increasing number of companies are hiring project-based marketing professionals, and it’s not hard to see why. These professionals are beginning to mark the standard of cost-effective leadership. The sheer amount of benefits a flexible employee grant to a company can be game-changing to projects that need a quick tune-up.

But as with any business venture, focusing on the positives must be balanced with a healthy dose of pre-emptive planning. Being aware of the drawbacks can help you counteract any hiccups or lapses that may result from them. After all, bringing in a new employee on such short notice can bring in new areas of responsibility that weren’t there before. 

Ultimately, the choice of welcoming these professionals into your business will largely depend on what your needs are at the moment. To give you some quick insight into measuring how helpful hiring a project-based marketing professional for your plans could be, read on to discover their foremost advantage and disadvantages.


  1. A Steady Pool Of Choices Is Readily Available

One of the most cited reasons why project-based professionals are gaining increasing popularity is their ability to quickly fill in openings. Since most marketing ventures are time-sensitive, having access to experienced professionals to begin managing these projects is indispensable.

Websites like Sortlist and other agency organizations create a centralized area for these professionals to gather. It becomes an instant portfolio of candidates for your business to choose from. Additionally, things like specialties, rates, and work hours are included in these listings.

Hiring marketing professionals through these mediums helps to cut the time needed to search for the right candidate for your team. The subsequent onboarding and orientation procedures are likely to take place smoothly as well.

  1. They Expose Your Team To New Ways Of Thinking

Professionals who aren’t permanently associated with any single company can bring a wellspring of knowledge and experience to the team. Taking work on a project-only basis grants them the type of flexibility that can add greater value to your company’s marketing efforts.

For instance, social media marketing is a growing and lucrative avenue that has sprung up in recent years. While most companies are vying for success through the medium, creating a foothold on these platforms can be difficult and could end up damaging your company image instead. Careful planning must be employed to get your company’s message across properly while presenting it in a manner that makes you stand out from the competition.

Project-based professionals are experts because they need to stay updated on social media trends. Introducing them to your team can give them exposure to unfamiliar approaches and new concepts that address marketing goals concerning the media being used.

Furthermore, the point of view from an outsider can be a game-changer to your organization’s marketing efforts. The fresh perspective offered by project-based hires is often the type of frankness that a company needs. Ultimately, what these professionals bring to the table can be the keys to increasing your brand value.


  1. Hiring Only For A Project Can Be Expensive

Bringing in a professional to join your team can be the push needed to secure success in a project. And yet, the financial side of this endeavour may be enough for your stockholders to think twice before finding one.

More often than not, these individuals will have had experience working on a multitude of projects. Gaining exposure to different types of work can mean that they may market themselves as specialists in different fields. As such, they may be inclined to charge premium prices for their services.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that project-based hires work for your business for a limited amount of time. Although necessary for the time being, the sudden increase in your workforce can consequently inflate your budget.  

Furthermore, hiring a marketing professional doesn’t necessarily grant your project instant success. Justifying the cost of project-based hires will be a challenge all on its own.

  1. Communication Between Departments Can Be A Challenge

Effective communication can rapidly reveal itself to be a challenge when opting for project hires. The temporary nature of the job can have ill effects on creating a cohesive team.

Project-based hires are utilized to cover certain gaps that appear during peak seasons in a year. As such, many of these employees share similar negative experiences. One of the most commonly mentioned was the feeling of being thrown into a department without much orientation.

Being assigned to handle one project tends to create tunnel vision. The focus on end goals can lead marketing managers to believe that unless gaining information from other teams is necessary, then they must be able to fully perform on their own.


Project-based managers can be excellent additions to any team. Pumping new energy and perspective into your marketing goals could be what sets you above the rest. While they may bring certain challenges to the forefront, investing in finding the best candidate and proper budget allocation can see you to a fruitful project.