5 Profitable Online Business Ideas to Start in 2022

5 Profitable Online Business Ideas to Start in 2022

in January 13, 2022

Working remotely has become the go-to method for many people during the pandemic. The flexibility and freedom of not having to worry about commuting and other bothersome things made more workers realize that you do not have to leave the house to make money.

It is also worth noting that Covid caused certain businesses to close, which led to ex-employees seeking jobs elsewhere. 

The internet has provided plenty of working opportunities for many years now, and that has not changed. If anything, there are more people creating online businesses than ever before. Some seek a full-time venture, whereas others are interested in a side-hustle type of arrangement.

If you too would like to try your luck at making money on the internet, this article is a good place to start. Who knows, your idea might develop into a profitable business and provide you financial independence. But before that happens, you need to pick a method.

Print on Demand

Let’s start with print on demand. One of the benefits of this particular idea is that you can start an online business with no inventory. In other words, there is no need to worry about manufacturing and warehousing. 

A reliable supplier that provides the goods will cover that part. Your focus will be on coming up with designs and marketing the goods. T-shirts, hoodies, caps, and other merchandise have their place on the market so long as you can create interesting designs and find your audience.

Turning the venture into a joint business idea is also something you can consider down the line. For example, you could find a partner who is in charge of coming up with new design ideas while you focus on the promotional side of the business yourself.


A knack for writing is great to have if you want to start blogging. However, writing is a craft you can learn, particularly if you are serious about it. Becoming well-versed with the English language is a valuable skill that you can later translate into copywriting, for instance.

Now, as for how to approach blogging, you should probably focus on a blog and topics you find interesting yourself. Otherwise, you might find yourself getting bored and abandoning the blog before profiting. 

Most bloggers use one or multiple ideas to monetize their platforms. Those ideas include:

  • Ad networks
  • Affiliate links
  • Digital products (e-books, webinars)
  • Patreon pages
  • Guest posting

To determine which monetization method works the best, you will need to test different iterations. However, it is worth noting that the overall blog quality is what matters the most. After all, if your articles are not interesting to read, you should not expect to monetize a blog.

YouTube or Twitch

Video content is considered to be the most effective, and it is no secret to see platforms like YouTube and Twitch TV make so much money. 

Despite the fact that the two of these sites offer streaming opportunities, they are different. It is true that streaming is growing on YouTube because the platform is working to attract some of the best streamers. However, Twitch TV is at the top. 

Having said that, YouTube is still great for regular video uploading if you prefer that. Not to mention that it is common to combine both platforms and monetize them. Uploading stream highlights from Twitch to YouTube is a win-win. 

Monetizing your content on YouTube is no longer just about ads. Many content creators include promotional links or advertise products directly in their videos. 

Meanwhile, streamers on Twitch TV make money from sponsorship deals, subscriptions, and donations. 

Social Media Management

Business opportunities in social media are not endless, but you have a plethora of different approaches to take. 

The ultimate goal is often to become an influencer and make money from promotional content. If you can get enough followers that engage with your content, then it might become a reality.

In case becoming an influencer is not possible, you can focus on improving content creation and offering services to already established profiles. Or, someone might be interested in hiring a social media account manager who can respond to follower questions, work out business deals, and so on. 

Affiliate Marketing

The goal of affiliate marketing is to persuade potential leads to click on your link and carry out the call to action, such as purchase, download, or watch something. Of course, lead generation is not that easy, but there are plenty of examples of successful affiliate marketing projects.

Most beginners go with Amazon because the site offers a plethora of different products to promote, and the commission rates are decent as well. 

You can start small and build a website while focusing on SEO, social media, and other marketing methods to drive relevant traffic. And once you find a formula that works, you can scale the venture and make even more money from it.


Whatever you choose, supply and demand are crucial to success. Before investing heavily you need to know you have something people want and you should only spend money to make money. There are plenty of niche ideas out there, like starting a pearl party business, which don’t involve spending until you know the volume needed.