A Sneak Peek at the Future of Retail: Augmented Reality

A Sneak Peek at the Future of Retail: Augmented Reality

in May 12, 2022

Shopping online has always had an element of concern, especially when it came to ordering large and oversized items. Sometimes they just didn’t fit or work as anticipated and sending them back was a real trial for everyone involved. This is one of the reasons why shopping in the metaverse will mitigate many of those kinds of complaints that consumers had until now.

Welcome to the Metaverse Mall in Cyberspace

One of the biggest obstacles web developers and SEO specialists will need to circumvent is directing traffic to a retail location that only exists in cyberspace! Although it isn’t a physical location, it is actually any location you want it to be! In terms of retail sales and marketing, it’s the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and marketing pros are excited about the prospect of creating a retail world in a place that only exists in cyberspace.

Imagine being able to step into augmented reality, AR, for just a moment. This is a space within cyberspace where you will find the items you are interested in buying and will now be able to experience them in AR. They will be there where you want them, but only in the metaverse.

A Hypothetical Shopping Experience in the Metaverse

Let’s build a hypothetical shopping experience in what is being called the metaverse. An SEO team contracted by a furniture retailer targeted all the right competitive keywords and shoppers begin stepping into the virtual store. This team being referenced is a web development group that offers Search Engine Optimised content as one of their services. In fact, to get an idea of traditional web development and SEO services, click here. Now you can see how this works. They target an audience in retail, seeking to build foot traffic into a place of business. However, the place of business they are directing traffic to is located in augmented reality. It’s a virtual representation of the actual store.

The Elements of Shopping in Augmented Reality

So then, there are two physical spaces, but both are also existing in cyberspace. There is the furniture store that has a real brick-and-mortar location and the consumer’s home. The consumer is led to the virtual store, picks out a real sofa in virtual reality and has it delivered to their virtual home. Now, it becomes augmented reality because the sofa is placed in that virtual living room with all the other furnishings and décor to ‘see’ how it works when delivered. The process can be repeated as many times as necessary until the right sofa is found and purchased in real time for delivery to a real home.

Consumers surveyed around the globe are excited about being able to utilise this technology because of the many benefits to be derived from this experiential shopping event. It isn’t something they could do in the ‘real world’ because of all the times they’d be shipping a physical sofa back to the retailer. When shopping in AR, they get to experience the outcome so that they make the best choice the first time around.

This is the future of retail and everyone from merchants to consumers and even shipping companies are excited about the ease at which purchases can be made accurately the first time. The only difference between shopping in the metaverse and shopping in a physical location is the old ‘try before you buy concept’ and nothing is too big to be tried in augmented reality.