Creating the perfect business logo

Creating the perfect business logo

in January 24, 2022

Logos: every business has one and every business needs one. However, creating the perfect design isn’t always the easiest of tasks for several reasons.

A lack of imagination and lack of memorability are both key factors in the failure of business logos so it’s important to understand all of the factors that contribute to creating the ideal representation of your company.

With that in mind, we’ve created an extensive guide of things to consider when creating your brand’s emblem.

The importance of a good logo

Before delving any deeper, we must first address why careful design is so important:

First impressions

The logo is, essentially, the face of any business. It is the first thing a customer will see and has to create a strong impression. Last year, there were more than five million businesses in the UK alone, so you have to make yours stand out from the rest. You’ll need to be remembered from the get-go and creating an eye-catching logo is the way to do just that.


Branding is key to any business and in the modern day we live in, your brand may find itself sprawled across the internet and in physical spaces to attract more potential customers. Whether it’s on social media or your store sign, you’ll want your branding to be consistent to make an impression and having a strong logo will do just that.

What you need to consider

Use these tips as a guide when designing the logo for your business:

Make sure it represents your company

Do your research and make sure you are creating a logo that aligns with the values and make-up of your business. Create a design that tells customers a story and catches their eye. Their curiosity may result in a purchase or a business partnership.

Colour and typography options

Logos should be easy to see and read for everyone and if this isn’t the case then it may result in a loss of business. Test different colours and choose the best font for your brand to find the right combination that represents your business.

Ensure it is scalable

A well-run business will find its logo representing them on business cards and signage as well as other print and digital media, so your logo must be transferable to these different scales. If it is not, then you might be missing out on potential marketing tactics.

The 5 main logo design principles

  1. Simple
  2. Versatile
  3. Timeless
  4. Appropriate
  5. Memorable

Ensure each of these principles are hit and you’ll have a logo fit for purpose.