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Meet one of our Freelance Copy Writers

Nick Martin-Smith has been a freelance Copy Writer since 2019, specialising in science, education, and defence.

A science teacher in public schools throughout the south-east, Nick ended up as Head of Science at England’s highest-ranked co-educational school in 2019 and 2020 (The Sunday Times), before first joining the RAF as a part-time Reserve, and turning his talents to writing full-time.

His keen interest in science, education, and defence has seen his work published in The Hangleton Science Journal,, and The Biggles Aeronautical Studies Review, to name but a few.

Some of Nick’s work

Click here for a blog article Nick wrote for The Hangleton Science Journal.  The remit was to educate residents local to the Benfield Valley about the potential for native fireflies to provide lit paths for night-time walks.

Click here for a review of research conducted by The Singapore Pre-School Mathematicians Group, pertaining to the benefits of learning calculus in kindergarten.

Click here for a technical paper written for The Biggles Aeronautical Studies Review, comparing and contrasting competing undercarriage designs for different 1:46 origami models of the F35B Lightning II.

What others are saying about Nick

“Nick was quick to understand our complex needs and requirements, and set about producing the copy we required to an exceptional standard.  In the week following posting, our traffic to the site trebled!” – Sarah P., The Hangleton Science Journal

 “Nick was courteous and profession from the outset, being very clear about how our needs could best be addressed.  Since he has started writing for us, we have seen numbers of visitors to our site increase exponentially, thanks to an unprecedented rise in back-linking from other leading educational providers” – James D.,

“The depth of understanding Nick showed in what was a really quite technical subject was phenomenal.  Since working with him, we have enjoyed many new connections with both industry experts and interested lay people alike” – Sqn Ldr Bader (Ret.), The Biggles Aeronautical Studies Review

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