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Chances are you know someone in Digital Marketing, Brighton & Hove is literally full of them ranging from huge agencies (with equally massive prices) to smaller boutique agencies and one-man bands. So chances are if you have found this page it is via word of mouth rather than Google Position. And that’s a good thing, because we strive to do an amazing job for our clients rather than invest heavily in attracting new ones. Our belief is that good service, honesty and transparency, over-exceeding and delivering results is what matters. We specialise in e-Commerce as Return on Investment is so evident, and our worth and value proved. The Digital Marketers; all for one, and one for all.

Without clients we don’t have a business, so we make an effort to understand yours. This is the most vital route to success, as our experience means we can give the best advice and direction on where to spend your advertising budget. It is all about your customer demographic.

Digital Marketing covers such a wide spectrum as it is rare to be experts in all fields at our size agency. We succeed in this as we have put the time in on these channels, and maintain links with partner specialist agencies to keep up to date on the latest techniques. We work by a methodical data-driven digital marketing method, studying data to prove the answers. We are SEO scientists, constantly split testing variants to reverse engineer Google’s algorithms.

So lets start with a basic explanation of channels and the most suitable target demographics, and common terminology to provide some clarity.

Digital marketing is a broad term that covers search engine optimisation (SEO), paid advertising, search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, influencer marketing, content provision, e-commerce marketing, social media marketing, social media optimisation, e-mail marketing, search and display advertising.

We offer a free digital marketing audit as part of our free initial consultation, so you have nothing to lose to get in touch. As part of our Digital Marketing Training we also give our 5 hour comprehensive audit free (for minimum of a full days training) to enable us to deliver effective training on your account.

No contracts – we believe in doing a great job for our clients so there is no reason to leave.

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    Digital Marketing Prices

    £50 per Hour

    Social Media Training

    £50 per Hour

    SEO Training

    £50 per Hour

    Google Adwords Management (Search/Display/Shopping)

    £50 Per Hour

    Social Advertising Management (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/LinkedIn)

    £50 Per Hour

    Business Advice, Business Coaching and Mentoring

    £50 Per Hour

    Project Management

    £50 Per Hour

    Basic SEO Audit & Quick Win Suggestions (5 Hours)


    Full SEO Audit & List of Recommendations (25 Hours)


    Basic PPC Audit & Recommeddations (5 Hours)


    Full PPC Audit & Recommeddations (25 Hours)


    Facebook Remarketing Set Up


    Google Analytics Set Up


    Types of Paid Advertising

    Paid advertising means you are paying a company like google, Bing, Facebook to use their advertising space to target their captive audience. This is an overview, please see our dedicated Pay-per-click PPC page for a more detailed explanation.

    Google Ads PPC

    Most people know Google Pay Per Click Advertising as the sponsored Ads on the top of Google. But Google ads are actually split into search, display and shopping which is covered on the PPC page. There is also Google Adsense and Link Units.

    Social Media Advertising

    Facebook Advertising

    To some, Facebook advertising is boosting posts. It is so much more than that. Facebook is far more intrusive than Google, with users interaction and shared information available to tailor advertising to them. This makes it an incredibly powerful marketing tool with very detailed targeting with age, profession, employer, interests, etc. While technically you can do some of this with Google, you have to ask yourself where they get this data which is gmail related so nowhere near as accurate or as big a database.

    Watch-outs – Campaign types are crucial here, as it’s mostly not Pay per Click but by impression. Younger Facebook Users are dwindling, but is still Crackbook to 30 somethings.

    Instagram Advertising

    Since Facebook 2012 takeover of Instagram, advertising has been possible via the Facebook advertising tool. This is to a younger demographic, requiring good photography and editing to catch the eye. It was created for an Instagrammer to post pictures to a feed, indeed the original name was Instant Gram, amalgamating instant camera with telegram.  The social networking service shares all customer data with Facebook so is equally powerful.

    Watch-outs – Ads need to be of a high quality here. If you do not have a natural talent then a Digital Marketing Agency might be required here.

    Youtube Advertising

    You can advertise on Youtube and boost your videos via Google Ads.

    Twitter and Linked In also have advertising. The latter is good for professional targeting.

    Social Advertising Examples:

    Types of non-paid advertising

    For the record “free” still means loads of work. Good for the time-rich but cash-poor. Content creation is the biggest required here.

    Social Media Management

    Businesses need Social Media as that is the way the world is turning with Social Media addiction at an all-time high. Accounts on the Social Media Network give validity and authority to the brand, and Social Content gives a platform to showcase products. A Social Media Campaign is essential for any business. It’s also fast becoming the go-to customer service platform, but more importantly the “public shaming” is growing so Social Media Management is fast becoming a full time job.

    Social Influencers

    Paid ambassadors are a huge marketing tool for the right industries, but there are lesser-known free options too.  There’s a great blog here on how to be fashion ambassador

    Watch-outs – There are many bots and programs to give an inflated number of followers and interaction. Some fake which are worthless and some real.

    Google Search Engine Optimisation

    Type in any word into Google, Bing or Yahoo and each search engine will show you the top 100 searches that it thinks are the best using their secret sauce algorithm. There are many white hat or black hat techniques for doing this, but the evergreen method is clearly identifying to the search engines what your content is about. SEO for Google is more important, it was reported in 2017 that 74.54% of users favoured Google Search. And the third most common search term on Bing is Google.

    Watchouts – Match and exceed means you can’t do some Googlability work then leave it for years. Regular checks and additional work is needed to keep high on the google web search engine.

    Company Reviews

    Customer reviews on social media, review sites or google are very important to validate your business. Bad reviews plant seeds of doubt.

    Google My Business

    A must for local businesses, and any business really. You can show for searches other than your brand name. This free service is vastly under-rated and under used. It can help you get that coveted googlesearch first page, to increase those free Google hits.

    Rich Snippets

    A Rich Snippet is a great opportunity to get position zero on Google.

    Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is when external  companies bring you customers in exchange for payment, usually as a percentage of sale.

    Watchouts – Voucher sites offering your discount codes so you pay them commission on orders where customers have looked for active discount codes. So you could lose 50% of the sale without realising it.

    Other sites

    Pintrest, tumblr, youtube are just some examples of how you can attract a new audience.

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