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There are many PPC Agencies in Brighton & Hove, offering Pay Per Click services for Google Ads (Google and Youtube), Microsoft adCenter (Bing and Yahoo), Facebook (and Instagram), Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pintrest and more. Paid advertising can bring instant traffic to your site, and you do not need to even use an agency, and we offer PPC training to those who prefer to do this themselves. All advertising platforms offer free support to anyone using their services, but please take their advice and direction with the knowledge that its often weighted towards you spending more money rather than using it wisely.

And this is where PPC marketing agencies come in. We have the experience to know how to get the best value, to see through the advice, to have tried and tested campaign settings and know the results of many split tests. A good agency should pay for themselves in saving on wasted spend and giving better results with more leads or sales for your business. PPC for e-Commerce has very clear key performance indicators so it’s easy to have set targets for revenue or return on investment.

While Google Adwords is the most known PPC channel. Social networks have also adopted pay-per-click as one of their advertising models. With Whatsapp advertising expected in 2020.

We offer a free PPC audit as part of our initial consultation. As part of our PPC Training we also do a free 5 hour comprehensive audit (if booked for a fulls day training minimum) to enable us to deliver effective training on your Adwords account.

We do not do contracts – we instead believe in doing a great job for clients.

If you do not want to use our services, we still want to give value. So will explain a few things about how to get the best value cost per click, click through rate and conversions. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

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    Pay Per Click advertising is paid advertising through Google, Bing, Facebook or similiar to use their advertising space for captive audience targetting.

    Google Ads PPC

    Most people know Google Pay Per Click Advertising as the sponsored Ads on the top of Google. But Google ads are actually split into search, display and shopping which I will break down in more detail and in blogs will cover Google Ads Settings. There is also Google Adsense and Link Units.

    A lot of small businesses have tried Ads by Google at some point either with an PPC agency in Brighton, or themselves with assistance from a Google Accounts Manager. in 99% of cases they would have given up for poor results, continue to overspend, or tried an agency.

    The reason for this is simple; Google’s business aim is to make money like of all us. And the most effective way to do this is to create bidding wars, or take away your control (Adwords Express!). Easiest way to prove this is simple; if your ad is clicked on and no-one else bids, should be 1p right? Ask your Google Ads Manager why you don’t get charged that and see what answer they give.

    If that doesn’t prove my point, then consider “low search volume”. If a search term is too long tail or rarely searched, your ads won’t show.

    Still not convinced? Then ask Google about what “On the first page of search results” means and why setting a low CPC means won’t appear on top even if no-one else is bidding.

    Cost Per Click has gone up from mere pennies to being £15-20 per click in some sectors. Not helped by Lead Generation networks and nationals selling leads locally. There is also the real possibility that they target sectors at the same time as part of their strategy,  where their standard advice is always to increase Max CPC or more recently a push to CPA (Cost per acquisition) model where no CPC is set, just the Cost Per Conversion so in effect what you want to pay per lead. CPA marketing is effective as targets users more likely to convert to the action, but call me a cynic to question the sanity of allowing Google the authority to control the bidding or more than one account for the same keyword when they are the only people who financially gain.

    Rather than going further into Dynamic Search Campaigns and Enhanced Bidding, let’s move on with how Google looks when you search.

    The search term in the purple box, brings up the following results:

    Red – Google Ad (note will not show with ad blockers)

    Yellow – Organic Listing, could be below four google ads on desktop, plus images or map.

    Blue – Google Shopping. Also in a tab under the search term

    Green – Google my business listing

    Scar Tissue Advertising company

    Google Search Ads

    This is your google search sponsored ads and your reactive marketing to pick up people searching & looking for services/products.

    Watch-outs -Broad key terms can pick up a lot of unwanted search terms. Consider use of exact match, broad match modified or phrase match.

    This is thing most people find confusing but is the most vital to comprehend. So lets says our two keywords are Black Cap.

    Exact Match – Shows ads on exactly the keyword with slight spelling variants, so Black Caps, etc.

    Phrase Match – Picks up use of the keywords in a sentence, when used the same order as the keywords. So would work for buy black cap, but not black trucker cap.

    Broad – The default match type and budget burner. Google exchange the word for a variant, misspellings, synonyms, related searches and other relevant variations. So our ads could show for search terms like Bottle Cap, Black Cat, Black Cover, Black Finish, etc

    Broad Match Modified – Picks up use of the keyword but in any order. So Black Trucker Cap

    So continuing for the example “Black Cap” as a Keyword:

    Keyword Search Term Exact Phrase Broad BMM
    [Black Cap] Black Cap Y Y Y Y
    “Black Cap” Buy Black Cap N Y Y Y
    +Black +Cap Black Trucker Cap N N Y Y
    Black Cap Bottle Cap N N Y N

    Google Shopping Ads

    Product based adverts that appear on the top bar or on the shopping had. These are great for selling goods as they instantly show price, size and the image. Proven to improve your click through rate (CTR), the inventory is not limited to eCommerce.

    Watch-Outs – Advertising out of stock products. Direct feeds from your website are best practise.

    Google Display Ads

    These are image ads on the display network, either reaching new customers or remarketing to site visitors. A handy reminder to a consumer that they were on your site and can be used to dynamically remarket a product. While website visitors have grown used to display ads and skip them so clicks are down, they are best used for subconscious free advertising. Example below.

    Watch outs – mobile apps and other sites designed to make money by people clicking on ads unintentionally.

    scar tissue google ads

    Social Media Advertising

    Facebook Advertising

    To some, Facebook advertising is boosting posts. It is so much more than that. Facebook is far more intrusive than Google, with users interaction and shared information available to tailor advertising to them. This makes it an incredibly powerful marketing tool with very detailed targeting with age, profession, employer, interests, etc. While technically you can do some of this with Google, you have to ask yourself where they get this data which is gmail related so nowhere near as accurate or as big a database.

    Watch-outs – Campaign types are crucial here, as it’s mostly not Pay per Click but by impression. Younger Facebook Users are dwindling, but is still Crackbook to 30 somethings.

    Instagram Advertising

    Since Facebook 2012 takeover of Instagram, advertising has been possible via the Facebook advertising tool. This is to a younger demographic, requiring good photography and editing to catch the eye. It was created for an Instagrammer to post pictures to a feed, indeed the original name was Instant Gram, amalgamating instant camera with telegram.  The social networking service shares all customer data with Facebook so is equally powerful.

    Watch-outs – Ads need to be of a high quality here.

    Youtube Advertising

    You can advertise on Youtube and boost your videos via Google Ads.

    Twitter and Linked In also have advertising. The latter is good for professional targeting.

    Social Advertising Examples:

                  Instagram Advertising                                                  Facebook Mobile Advertising                                                         Facebook Desktop Advertising

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