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What is SEO?

SEO is Search Engine Optimisation, the task of understanding the search engine algorithms and ensuring websites are optimised to rank highly for relevant keywords to bring increased high-quality traffic. Ultimately, SEO agencies are hired to increase Website visibility as an alternative or alongside pay-per-click paid advertising and this could be via the organic listings, google my business, map listings, videos, knowledge graphs, images and more.

It is important to point out a key fact early. Search Engines do not get revenue for the natural organic positions. The revenue comes from the ads from the billions of searches, which only happen if people trust the search engine to give good results. Teams evaluate the quality of search results for the machine learning algorithm, ensuring the best results are given. And with 95% of organic clicks coming from page one of the search results, it is more competitive than ever to be on the first page.

So the choice is evident, either use white hat techniques to do exactly what the search engines want. Or use black hat techniques to exploit the search engines for a short term boost. Here we always prefer to work hard to have our sites be the best result for the selected search terms. Yes, the blackhatters come and go in the search rankings but it means we get consistant top results that are evergreen using seologic.

So what is it Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, Ask, AOL and other search engines percieve as the best result to a search term? Well no-one outside of their specialised teams knows, nor cares to share. So in truth it’s part GuesSEO and part TestSEO, and SEO experts are better as we are more experienced and tested a lot more in different niches.

And all the search engines use different algarythims, which are patch upon patch as they try to fix the exploits. So it’s difficult to optimise for all of the different search engines, and as Google are the main search engine of public choice with 81.5% of the market share, we’ll focus on them.


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    Search Engine Placement

    So what does an average Google search result look like? This can vary by the search term, but here is an example using a local service which is given to me by Google based on my location. There is an example of e-commerce results on the PPC page.

    How Does SEO Work?

    So Google include over 200 factors when calculating page rank which include relevancy and authority. The google spiders constantly crawl the many web pages on the internet to update it’s web index, enabling the response to any search query. So mostly SEO is about making sure the website pages are visible and clearly indicating to Google what the page is about through identifiers and content.

    And simply, if you want to provide what Google want, then you need to consider what it is the user wants. Quick loading times and informative content that answers the user’s query. Google aim to reward websites that show expertise, authority and trust (EAT).

    The first algorithm used by Google was known as PageRank after founder Larry Page, which calculated the popularity and authority using the fair assumption that the number and quality of links to a page would determine an indication of how important the website is. This lead to explotation of unnatural link building to utlise this link juice with mutual links.



    Increase Search Engine Rankings

    So the theory is pretty simple, but how can you improve your organic SEO Google rankings? Obviously a professional SEO agency or SEO consultant is your best option, but you can try to do this yourself with either some SEO training or if you consider the following two parts:


    On-Page Factors

    You can improve your web design to improve your rankings by using SEO tools to analyse your site to identify what can be improved. It’s highly likely that you can increase your position by performing a technical audit and ensuring the website is not holding you back with Google indexing or user experience like loading speed or navigation.

    SEO content is also crucial and you should use Keyword Analysis to understand user search terms you are trying to rank for. It’s essential that your content shows expertise, authority and trust.


    Off-page Factors

    Offsite SEO is building the site authority through quality link building, which can be done by creating and sharing your great content worthy of social sharing.

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