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Do you need Digital Marketing?

Nearly all businesses rely on digital advertising, with either Google Adwords or social Advertising Pay-per-click like Instagram or Facebook. Perhaos you are already, or looking for a Digital Marketing Training Provider for the practical skills or Ditgital Marketing training centre to learn the key skills to do this yourself. Our Digital Marketing Coaching sessions could be exactly what you need.

Digital Marketing is essential for all business, but finding the right person to manage is a minefield. Maybe you have been suckered by a Facebook funnel campaign; the guys who claim to have made millions and are willing to share their secret. Or perhaps you answered one of the many calls and emails from agencies trying to take the business, a usual sign that they are client-burners who do a poor job. The only sure-fire way is personal recommendation, which is more than likely why you are here as that’s how we prefer it.

The other key thing to consider is the cost of big agencies, espeically when they charge a percentage of ad spend. Isn’t that the wrong incentive for your budget? They will also likely have rival companies in your sector, but money comes over conflict of interest.

With smaller agencies you are unlikely to be the only client, so do you get the attention you deserve? Is the person shouter louder getting all the hours while your account is neglected?

If you are using an agency full stop do they truly know your business needs? They are possibly white-labelling to a freelancer for profit. Due to NDA’s, you would never know, but it is commonplace. It’s rare to find someone who is as good at both sales and PPC. You are speaking to a salesman or account manager who will promise you the world but not do the actual work.

Even if you manage the ads yourself, how do you keep up with best practise or get the return for your advertising budget? Do you have that crucial strategy and time saving technology?

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PPC Training

So there is an alternative to using a Digital Marketing Agency. No-one understands your business better than you. No-one can write better Ad Copy than you can as you know your customer. You just need the knowledge to get the best results. And being honest, you will work harder as the results mean more. So how perfect if you joined your business knowledge with someone who can teach you how to weild it effectively. Becoming an expert is learning the fundamentals and successful strategies. PPC Digital Marketing is very trainable in a short space of time for the right trainee.

In most industries on the job training is the best way to develop skills, and knowledge. The capacity to self-development, learn and grow is everyones potential with a teacher who adapts to their learning style. Online courses require self-discipline and don’t adapt to the trainee. With our in-house training you benefit from a comprehensive free digital marketing audit as our expert trainer apply their industry knowledge to your account.

What does the Digital Marketing Training cover?

Whatever you want it to and whatever is the best for your business. If you are unsure then the best thing to do is ask yourself an important question; what do you want to achieve from the training? What do you what to learn and what is important for your business? What sort of new customers do you want to attract and what is a new lead worth to you? We can then suggest the best digital marketing strategy for your needs and budget.

So what sort of digital maretkign do you need?

Google Search Ads -Reactive response to an interested parties search terms.

Social Advertising – Pro-active advertising and remarketing.

You will most likely need both for your sales funnel, but we can cover your busines needs in the initial meeting.

  • Search type basics
  • Logical Account Structure
  • Bidding strategy
  • Search terms & Negative keywords
  • Standout Ad Copy and Extensions
  • Display Network
  • Meaningful Conversion tracking
  • Adwords Editor and time-efficient  tricks
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Remarketing
  • Pixel
  • Setting up conversion tracking
  • Audience Creation
  • Campaign objective explanation
  • Logical Account Structure
  • Bidding strategy
  • Standout Ad Copy and Images
  • Remarketing
  • SEO basics and Google algorithms
  • Google Webmaster tools and Search Console
  • Google My Business
  • Site Speed
  • Mobile Experience
  • Content and natural language
  • XML sitemap and robots.txt
  • Meta titles & descriptions
  • Image alt text
  • Internal linking based on keywords
  • Pagination vs Infinite Scroll
  • Semantic and schema markup
  • Trust Flow and Citation Flow

How are you different?

Our experience is corporate trainers and people leaders before we ever became Digital Marketers. We are natural teachers who genuinely enjoy when our trainees learn and grow. We don’t like one size fits all group training sessions, where we cover accounts that have no relevance or interest to the attendees. And as Digital Marketing experts, we can educate everyone to our standard.

Despite earning more with group sessions, we prefer doing one-on-one training sessions about YOUR business. We want it to be successful, and work on your accounts together to improve results and utilize both our knowledge sets for maximum results. We adapt our training style to suit your needs, something that can never be done with multiple trainees. We always go at your pace of learning and take breaks when needed, not because we have an agenda mapped out. We also skip out all the unnecessary modules you know already, or are not relevant to your business.

The training session aim is to teach  the most relevant information to maximise the time. We can apply this for beginners, intermediate or advanced knowledge and center the training on your needs. The sessions are completely bespoke and adaptable for the attendee.


Free Digital Marketing Audit

Prior access to your account means we can look in detail at your set-up to maximise the training time. So you get a free digital marketing audit too. We always want to over-exceed and provide value in what we do.

Training Structure

The beginning of the training session is always to understand the trainees knowledge levels, and what they want to learn and gain out of it. We like to dusplay on a big TV so everyone can see exactly what is happening.

We will adapt to the trainees learnign style but usually mix theory and practise,  to re-enforce the knowledge. We don’t expect people to stare at a presentation for hours wishing they doubled that espresso. It’s more of a coaching session with interactive learning of practical skills.


How long does it take?

The purist in me says we never stop learning, but the training sessions depends on knowledge levels and acheivement targets. To get the most of it a half day session is minimum with follow up sessions. An hour is too short. Some attendees have been having weekly day sessions for a year. It’s about individual needs.

Can’t you just do it for me?

Yes of course. But we charge the same so you may as well be there to learn. If your time is valuable then check out our Digital Marketing Services page for what we can do.

What Learning Style Am I?

We will adapt to you, but you may be wondering what type of learning style you are, and it’s unlikely it’s exclusively one type. Here are the common styles:

Visual learners learn build comprehension by what they see and through pictures and images. Training for visual learners can be tailored to include presentations with diagrams, videos, and charts

Auditory learners are excellent listeners for spoken and lecture-type teaching. This type of learner prefers speeches, audio recordings and lectures.

These individuals learn best through examination of text and case studies. Training for reading/writing learners includes manuals, handouts, quizzes, and presentations.

Kinesthetic learners expand their comprehension through their senses, so enjoy hands-on activities like simulations or walk-throughs. Useful sessions could include building or working with physical objects.

The mathematical learners learn from studying whole systems, patterns, and high-level concepts. Drawn to spreadsheets, grapps or multi-step methodologies, logical learners respond well to training that includes multiple concepts.

Interactive learners are strong at understanding the feelings and motivations of others. They thrive on team learning activities, role-playing, and group discussions.

Solitary learners focus on self-reflection and introspection as their prime way  of learning. Training should be tailored to work through the content at their own pace, and allow independent learning.

Digital Marketing training in Hove

From our experience we advise that reainign is undertaken away from your work space due to distraction and interruption. Even with a seperate training room, the “quick question” often breaks the learning attention.

We have a training space in Hangleton which is walking distance from Portslade or Aldrington Stations. Also availbe to hire is training space directly at Freedom Works right next to Hove Statio (on the Brighton to Worthing line, and a direct to London). This location is very close to the A270 Old Shoreham and short-term parking is available locally at the Goldstone Retail Park.

Freedom Works Hove

Main address:

Hove Business Centre, Fonthill Rd

Hove, UK

Brighton, East Sussex


Read what our clients have to say
Wedding Rings Direct
Alex, Brighton
Previously I have tried some big agency PPC Training, Last year I had paid huge sums of money to be in a classroom full of people up in the Shard in London, but it was all for show. I came out of the days training feeling deflated as I was actually told I knew too much about PPC adwords for the course, which just simply was not the case. I took a gamble with a local company in Brighton and I learnt more in the first hour than I had in the whole of the other training sessions, when we covered search terms which is such a crucial part of PPC for my account.
Ciaran is a gifted teacher, who really wants to help me to learn. I feel like I have had huge value for money as he quickly established my level and knew how to complete the gaps for me. He was able to explain things in a way I could understand which was amazing, and we expanded into social media advertising training.

The results speak volumes. Before the training, sales were down 30% and our business was struggling. With Ciaran's help we restructured the account and cut out thousands of pounds in wasted spend. This has enabled us to continue working with him and now sales are up 60% and we are having our best ever results. The change is phenomenal, and we have found the perfect balance in his expert knowledge of digital marketing and eCommerce and my own knowledge of our industry, He is more than just a Digital Marketing expert, he is a brilliant trainer who quickly puts you at ease. He is also an eCommerce business owner so has given me help and advice far beyond what he was initially hired for.

Charley, Hove
We run a locksmith in the Sussex area. Our business was struggling due to the jobs we were getting just covering Google bills due to national companies taking all the business. Work was non existent without it so we felt lost. We were following advice from our Google ad manager so could not understand how results were not as good as we wanted. We booked a session with Ciaran, who instantly grasped our business and our needs. He quickly restructured our campaigns and cut out all the wasted spend as Google were giving us bad advice. We then worked together on Ad creative and the difference has been outstanding and we are finally making money. it's no exaggeration to say that this PPC training has saved our business. He set things up in a way that it's all clear to me and I can easily manage it myself, but he's always happily on hand for any questions which I think is just fabulous service.

Digital Marketing training in Brighton

We have training space in Brighton that can be used which is walking distance from Brighton Station. with a direct line to London. This training centre is location is close to the A23.

Brighton Training Facility

Main address:

New England House, New England Street.

Brighton, East Sussex

Facts about Brighton

Brighton is a large town in the county of East Sussex, located in South East of England. Brighton and neighbour Hove merged in 1997 as the borough of Brighton and Hove to form a Unitary Authority in Sussex, obtaining city status in 2001 in the Millennium Celebrations. Leading digital marketing agencies are based in Brighton and East Sussex due to it’s quality of life by the sea and close proximity to London. Many employ the creative ex-students from the Sussex University or University of Brighton which make up a large portion of the towns population. The popular seaside resort is famous for Brighton beach (with the West Pier and Brighton Palace Pier) and the Brighton Music Scene with the Brighton Cente and Royal Pavillion. Not just the home of Fatboy Slim and Adele, Brighton bands and artists inclue Royal Blood, the Koos, the Freemasons, the Levellers, the Maccabees, British Sea Power and Rizzle Kicks.

Brighton, East Sussex, used to be called Brighthelmstone. It contains a number of old settlements & villages including Whitehawk, Black Rock, Hangleton, Aldrington, Brunswick, Bevendean, Coldean, and Old Steine. The oldest building in Brighton and Hove is within the boundaries of West Hove’s Hangleton Neighbourhood, the 11th century St Helen’s Church. The nearby Hangleton Manor is Hove’s oldest secular building, and the pub dates back to the 15th century.

The City of Brighton and Hove also has the areas of Mile Oak, Hollingbury, Hollingdean, and Moulsecoomb. Other districts of Brighton, East Sussex include the outer areas Portslade-by-Sea, Patcham, Saltdean and Ovingdean, Rottingdean, West Blatchington, Westdene, Woodingdean and Withdean. The Brighton Municipality also includes Brighton Marina, Stanmer and the popular student area of Bear Road. The Brighton postcode is BN, and the Mayor of Brighton is Dee Simpson.

Preston Park in Brighton hosts the Pride festival known throughout England and the UK. Brighton has two major roads out in the A27 to Worthing and the A23 heading North to London. To the West of Brighton and Hove is Southwick, Shoreham, Sompting, Littlehampton and Lancing. Brighton is bordered to the East by Burgess Hill, Lewes and Peacehaven. Brighton City Airport (Shoreham) and Brighton Ferry (Newhaven) have the United Nations Code for Trade and Transport Locations of UN/LOCODE:GBBSH.