How to Effectively Manage Your Email Lists

How to Effectively Manage Your Email Lists

in August 13, 2020

Looking after the data that you hold on your customers is a very important task. Not only should you have an organised list of contacts that have been segmented but you should also make sure that you are adhering to all data protection regulations. Many business owners don’t approach their email lists with caution, and this can lead to further issues down the line.

In this article, we are going to offer some tips to help you manage your email lists more effectively. Use these tips to improve how things work in 2020.

Check Data Laws

With the introduction of GDPR, we all need to ensure that we are adhering to any regulations surrounding data. For large businesses that have a long list of customer records, this can be even trickier. While managing your email lists to suit your marketing needs should be a priority, you also need to make sure that you are doing it in line with regulations. Before you start arranging your email lists, you must check up on regulations and ensure you are not breaking any data protection laws.

Double Check Data

The next tip that we have for those who want to effectively manage their email lists is to make sure that the data is correct. This is important not only when you are inputting the emails to your database but also over time as contact details and preferences can change. Some of the questions you should ask yourself when inputting data include ‘are emails case sensitive’ and ‘does this client have more than one email address’. If you spend time checking for any errors, you’ll thank yourself later on.

Segment the Data

If you want to be able to effectively manage your email lists, then you need to think about how you can go about segmenting the data. Having a long list of email addresses in your database without any organisation is not going to be of much use. You need to know who these people are, where they live and what their buying habits are like. If you don’t have much experience in segmentation of data, then make sure to get some tips online.

Delete Data Over Time

The final tip that we have for those who want to effectively manage their data is to make sure that you are spending time deleting records that you no longer need. If your email database is full of addresses that are no longer in use or that are incorrect, you won’t be getting accurate results. To find the data that needs to be deleted, you could consider sending out a bulk email to your contacts. Those that confirm their identity can stay and the rest can be put on an additional list. Before deleting the data of those who don’t respond, consider other ways of contacting them so that you don’t lose them from your lists forever.

Try Out Our Tips

If you are worried about the way that your email lists are being managed, then you should make sure that you are putting measures in place to change this. Think about how your lists are segmented and don’t forget to check for any incorrect data. If you can spend time managing your lists more effectively, you will see improved results in no time within your email campaigns.

While this might not be your main concern, it is certainly something that you should keep in mind. Use our tips and hopefully you’ll see an improved open rate and increased conversions over time.