How to send a link for google review

How to send a link for google review

in March 12, 2020

Google Reviews are critical for any business. If someone is searching for your company or website, your Google My Business page will appear showing your reviews. Bad reviews can damage your business, and so can not enough reviews. Simply, the more good reviews you have, the better as 93% of consumers admitting to being influenced by consumer reviews, . If you have been heavily investing in SEO services, then you don’t want this work undone.

Human nature means we tend to be more incensed to leave a bad review, rather than be inclined to leave a good one based on experience. It is estimated only 1 in 10 leave a review when they have a good experience, so prompting customers to leave a review is business critical. It is more important than ever, so having a link to leave a google review is vital to collating that great feedback.


Why do Google Reviews matter?

People are easily influenced, and first impressions count. Amazon are a prime example of how product reviews can influence sales. If the consumer marketplace reads the product is liable to stop working or break after a few weeks, would you still buy it? If your holiday destination or restaurant gets bad reviews, would you still want to go? Websites such as Checkatrade built success on the importance of knowing which tradesman can be trusted to allow into your home, based on verified customer experience. Word of mouth recommendation has always been the key in the most successful business, review sites just brought that word of mouth to the masses.

Google Reviews carry more weight as they are linked to your branded search terms. Much like Facebook reviews showing on your social page, these trust signals speak volumes to people interacting with your company. Even ones who have used your services before. And an email link to leave a google review in your email signature is a great way to get reviews.

Send Reviews via Google My Business

If you have access to your Google My Business account, it’s actually very easy. On the home page, there is a box that states “Get more Reviews”. Simply click on the “share review form” button to generate a link which should look like There is also an option to share the link via Facebook, Whatsapp,  Twitter and email. This is a link directly to leave a review on google for your business.

Alternatively, if you google your own business while logged in you also get this option where the user would normally be able to write a review, but it now says “Get more Reviews”.

Please note, this is a Google service and the review completion has to be done by a user with a gmail address. Once they receive the link, if they are not logged into Google it will give a sign-in page and auto direct once complete. 

This is not to say goggle reviews have to be done with Gmail accounts only. Any email linked to google works, so that includes YouTube, Google Play, or Google Drive, and also if you download the google maps app.





Send Reviews external to Google My Business

It is possible to send a Google my business review link without access to the GMB account which is different to just sending the page URL and relying on the customer to find the “write a review” button.

If you go to and search for the business, it should come up on the list (see example below). Simply copy the place ID and pop it in the box below to generate the full link, which should look like

This link to leave a review on google works in the same way, and you can use a URL shortener to make it look more appealing.

Not every business is listed here, it works off a map reference point so only physical locations appear here, so see below to finding the google maps place ID another way.

If you can’t find your business with the above method, the code is possible to obtain from the internet coding. Google the business page, and right-click on the “write review” button. If you inspect the source code, your Place ID is listed under the Maps API data-pid.

Quick tip – Press Ctrl-F to bring up a search bar and type in data-maps-rw-api. The data-pid is a few lines below that.

So there you have it, an easy google review direct link for any customer with a Gmail account.