PR for Luxury Brands: Beyond Digital marketing

PR for Luxury Brands: Beyond Digital marketing

in June 27, 2022

The luxury sector in travel, jewellery, cosmetics, hotels, or fashion are extremely competitive thanks to high margins and profit available. If you can get it right, a successful high-end brand can sell the same product or service for a massively inflated value. But how do you convince a consumer to pay the extra? This is where PR for luxury brands comes in to run along aside your digital marketing strategies.

The importance of PR and marketing your luxury brand using modern techniques cannot be overstated. Consumers today are more discerning, and they look to luxury brands to provide a real experience with an authentic narrative. Traditional marketing approaches are no longer effective, especially with a millennial audience.

This is not a case of spending thousands on brand awareness campaigns on social media. It is not enough for people to simply know your brand, it also has to be synonymous with luxury, affluence, and extravagance.

What is PR?

Public Relations is strategic and controlled communication about a brand or business with their potential customer base, ensuring a positive image and awareness to influence the public through media or more recently social influencers.

PR aims to use topics of public interest such as charity to gain earned media from news agencies, rather than paid advertising. Although many PR companies are branching out into that medium either in house or through white-labelled companies. Predominantly though, they use their connections with news agencies, or TV/film personalities and music stars to increase the profile of both parties through a collaborative approach (and in an ideal world are getting paid by both).

The big stumbling block for most start-up companies is tracking brand awareness growth through these channels is near impossible, but there is no doubt for the right luxury items it works and ensures a place in the public consciousness.

Strong PR Strategy for Luxury Brands

It’s easy to focus on crisis communications, but a strong PR strategy needs to be proactive as well. Public Relations needs to be as much about creating interest in a brand as it is about managing it. Luxury brands want to be in the news, but they also want to control it. PR agencies that specialize in luxury brands understand the need to strike this delicate balance. They’ll work with you to build a Public Relations strategy that not only manages the perceptions of your brand but also helps bring it to life.

PR agencies will help you create a communications strategy that fits with your brand’s personality and communicates your brand’s story in an authentic way. They’ll also help you identify your target audiences and craft luxury PR initiatives that speak to each audience in a way that prompts them to share your brand’s story with their network.

The Brand Story

If PR is about getting your story out there, then it’s important to first have one to tell. This starts with the history and backstory narrative: communicating your brand story in a compelling way that intrigues audiences and makes them want to share i your journey. To create a compelling narrative, luxury brands should start by reflecting on their founding  and making it a part of the fabric of their marketing strategy.

Every luxury brand has an origin story, and these stories are rife with the drama and intrigue that make them the perfect material for press releases, product launches, and social media campaigns. For example, a luxury brand might want to launch a new product line.

The brand narrative might suggest that the new product line is a natural progression from the founding story. In this case, the brand should consider making the product line’s launch event a homecoming of sorts — a celebration of the brand’s origins and a welcome home for the new product line.

Celebrity Endorsements for Luxury Brands

If you’re a luxury brand looking for the credibility that only comes from being associated with other brands, endorsements can be a great luxury PR tool. Brand ambassadors aren’t just celebrities, they’re a way to get any brand to talk about yours. You can offer free luxury products to personalities or celebrities in exchange for an endorsement and promotion.

You can also consider investing in a product placement strategy; a way to get products into the hands of celebrities and influencers so they can talk about them. While product placement can be expensive, it can also be very effective. The key is to make sure it’s authentic; brands that are too obvious about shilling their products are likely to end up doing more harm than good.

Social Media

While PR initiatives are best executed when they’re tightly timed, brands should also have a consistent presence on social media, where followers are craving constant interaction and develops trust and social prove . This is especially important for luxury brands where quality matters. The perception of the luxury market is that it’s a rare and exclusive experience, meaning the need to be especially careful about appearing accessible to the masses.

A social media strategy that effectively manages the expectations of your audience will help you build a community around your brand. This will make it easier to share your brand’s story with followers at the right time. It will also help you create a relationship with your followers that make them more likely to share your story with their social networks. For example, a luxury brand can use Facebook Stories to host a “Behind the Scenes” tour of its headquarters and show fans the creative process behind its products.

The Power of Social Influencers and Fashion Bloggers

If endorsements are the brand-to-brand relationship, then influencer marketing is the brand-to-audience relationship. This can be an effective way the luxury industry to partner with audiences. For example, partnering with YouTube and Instagram stars who are known for covering products in their field of expertise.

This kind of partnership is mutually beneficial; the brand gets exposure and the influencer gets paid. If you’re partnering with social media influencers, make sure you choose partners who are aligned with your brand’s values and who have an authentic, engaged online audience.

Form Exclusivity

Luxury brands are known for creating products that are almost impossible to find. This can be a powerful way to create a buzz around a product before it even hits the shelves. For example, a luxury brand might want to launch a new perfume. Instead of making the fragrance available to everyone, the brand can choose to exclusively release it to a select group of customers.

By making the perfume available in a limited way, you can generate a lot of buzz around the product and control who gets to try it out. A strategy like this can be risky, but if it’s executed well, it can result in major press coverage and a product launch that gets the attention of influencers.